Preventive healthcare and occupational safety

Preventive healthcare and occupational safety are key human resources policy topics in the Volkswagen Group. In fiscal year 2019, we underpinned these with a corresponding Group policy. This defines basic requirements and objectives relating to occupational health and safety, laying down rules for the organization thereof as well as the responsibilities of the Group, brands and companies.

In addition to fulfilling statutory requirements, Volkswagen’s Health department places strong emphasis on preventive approaches with regard to health, fitness and performance. Employees are given the opportunity to have regular check-ups followed by a talk in which they receive offers that draw on recent scientific findings for improving their individual health. Another task of the Health department is to advise the Group on any potential impact on employee health resulting from new production technologies introduced throughout the production chain and in all work processes. One example of this is a pilot project conducted in 2019 by Audi BKK and the Hanover Medical School (MHH) to reduce the risk factors associated with metabolic syndrome, such as high levels of body fat, blood lipids and blood pressure. Telemonitoring of these levels, exercise programs, nutritional consultations and individual support, combined with modern technology such as wearables (electronic aids worn on the body), have led to significant improvements, particularly among shift workers.

as of December 31, 2019; in percent
Age structure in years of Volkswagen Group employees (bar chart)